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Why Breastfeeding

is imPortant

Purchase health benefits pertaining to both mommy and baby! Pages 4-5

Learning to


What you can do even before your baby is born. Page 11



Can I breastfeed even

merely am sick? Find out the answer to this query and others. Page 26

tear-out Feeding Graph and or chart! Page forty-five

Breastfeeding in public areas

Tips for which makes it work. Webpage 33

common challenges

Find out tips for declaring farewell to sore nipples! Page 18

U. T. Department of Health and Human being Services, Workplace on Ladies Health Your best guide to Nursing


The experience of breastfeeding can be special intended for so many rea- sons, including:

• The delighted bonding along with your baby • The perfect diet only you can offer • The price savings

• The health benefits for both equally mother and baby

In fact , breast milk offers disease-fighting antibodies that can help protect infants via several types of ailments. And moth- ers who have breastfeed possess a lower likelihood of some health conditions, including cancer of the breast and type 2 diabetes.

Understand that breastfeeding is actually a learned skill. It requires perserverance. For some women, the learning phases can be aggravating and unpleasant. And some scenarios make breast- feeding also harder, such as babies created early or perhaps health problems in the mother. The good thing is that it will obtain easier, and support pertaining to breastfeeding mothers is growing.

You will be special because you can make the meals that is unique- ly ideal for your baby. Make investments the time in yourself delete word – for your health and for the bond that could last a lifetime.

The U. S. Office of Health insurance and Human Services' Office upon Women's Wellness (OWH) can be raising knowing of the importance of breastfeeding to assist mothers offer their infants the best start possible anytime. In addition to this guide, OWH offers online content at breastfeeding and provides the National Breastfeeding Helpline at 800-994- 9662. The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding puts forth actions that family, communities, clinicians, health care systems, and business employers can take to create breastfeeding a fairly easy choice pertaining to mothers. Know more at OWH likewise partners with all the Health Methods and Providers Administration's Maternal and Kid Health Bureau to educate organisations about the needs of breastfeeding moms via The Business Case for Breastfeeding a baby. The Inexpensive Care Act (health treatment reform) helps pregnant women and breastfeeding moms get the amounts and support they and their children require. Learn more for

U. S. Division of Health insurance and Human Solutions, Office upon Women's Wellness Contents

Equipment you can use

Breast milk storage space guide, page 36

Write it straight down: questions to ask your baby's doctor (page 43) and questions to inquire your health care provider (page 44)

tear-out feeding data, page 45

4 Why Breastfeeding is important

Health benefits pertaining to babies and mothers

six finding support and data

Types of health professionals that can help with breast- feeding, and the way to find support by telephone

8 how Breast dairy is made...

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