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Example: Outrigger Resorts and Hotel

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Question 1-The current IS DEFINITELY resources of Outriggers:

1 ) Technical Solutions:

* Hardware(Personal computers; Redirecting equipment).

* Application (Stellex, in 1987; Stellex 2 . 0, in 1992; centralized THIS systems; E. Piphany; JD Edwards). Appendix 1 * Networking comportments of IT facilities (XML program; Electronic software; IBM BECAUSE 400 System; Windows 2150 Platform; Neighborhood networks). installment payments on your Data/Information Resources: Tendem non-stop; Enscribe DBMS; Sun Microsystems UNIX; Intel Windows; Reducdant leased lines (WAN). a few. Human Resources:

5. Outriggers CAN BE organization. Appendix 2

* A highly central organizational composition

* Outrigger's senior administration thought that OHANA hotels had no direct competition, but condominiums taken part with small local administration companies and individual owners' beliefs that they can could do a better task alone. 2. In 1999, a brand new brand-Ohana Accommodations and Resorts

5. Providing friends with a fulfilling experience and a sense of place, enabling employees to reach all their potential and being an integral part of the community.

Question 2- The Outrigger's critical achievement factors

The external elements of achievement (Appendix 3)

* The flourished global economy and increased amounts of employees. 2. The cultural tendency of have holidays in the seashores and expensive hotels. 5. Widespread usage of The Internet.

* The wonderful tourist vacation spot of Hawaii islands Islands when it comes to nature and placement. * The simple regulations of acquiring royaume and properties in America.

Inside factors of success (Appendix 4)

2. High quality and variety of companies.

* Exceptional distribution network.

* Innovation & technology.

Question 3- Location Outrigger in strategic effect grid

We could choosing Yield as the positioning of Outrigger on technique impact main grid. (Appendix 5) Adjustments:


* Outrigger has already a centralized THAT system, however the organization were required to also up grade and initiate IT infrastructure when it found that is always. * Outrigger seeks always the way to do the business more proficiently

Problem 4 - The task for CAN BE strategic pursuits

After analysis in Question several, The IS strategy well be based on improving the marketing mechanism; the old IS DEFINITELY need possess updated: 5. to create a system to do advertising analysis taking into consideration inside and outside factors with the company to obtain an accurate prediction at the organization and friends level. 2. to create a well-developed website pertaining to the company to promote and reserving that will be coupled to the IS of the corporation.


1- Property-Level THIS Infrastructure (Hawaii Properties)

Gain access to Layer: End-User Tools

Stellex E. piphany JD Edwards Stellex Bedrooms mgmt Business intelligence Accounting Booking taking Revenue mgmt Guests Forecasts Payroll Custom GUI Blocks mgmt. Web-based GUI Human resources

Functions reports

Menu-driven interface

Get Layer: End-User Tools

Stellex E. piphany JD Edwards Stellex Areas mgmt Business intelligence Accounting Booking taking Income mgmt Guests Forecasts Payroll Custom GUI Blocks mgmt. Web-based GUI Human resources

Operations reports

Menu-driven interface

Interaction layer

Correctly level Data Center

Neighborhood networks Tandem Nonstop; Encribe DBMS Redirecting equipment Sunlight Microsystem UNIX; Intel Windows No machines Reducdant leased line (WAN)

Communication level

Properly level Data Middle

Local area systems...

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