Alternative Strategies

Choice Strategies 25.08.2019
 Essay in Option Tactics

Alternative Trading Strategies and

Their Success in the Indian Market

The project depends on introduction to:

5. Overview of Derivatives and generally Options.

* The significant and mechanics of choices and how they help in hedge and trading. * Great Options with respect to Global & Indian Markets. * The benefits of Choices

The task mainly aims to cover the conceptual and theoretical history of the examine including option terminology, option payoffs, benefit profiles of long & short underlying & lengthy and short call and put options accompanied by options theory, knowledge and description of the various possible trading and hedge strategies with options which might be widely known including: * When to use the technique

* Simple legs included

* Other derivatives/underlying combined with the approach

* The payoff profile of the approach

* The risk and incentive

* Breakeven points and earnings and loss analysis

Some of the strategies intended to be covered are: Lengthy Call, Short Call, Artificial Long Call, Long Put, Short Set, Covered Phone, Straddles, Strangles, Collars, Distributes, Butterflies and Condors The many strategies happen to be individually analysed with the help of thorough examples and then further examined taking real world examples of theoretical positions via past data of Indian Derivatives industry, mainly through the historical info archives of NSE because given upon website of NSE. (Preferably recent month expiry contracts) Drawing of inferences out of this study in each approach would help in understanding functioning of choices market in real life and also help identify the degree of efficiency of Choices strategies in Indian Market in as to whether it helps make good risk/reward profiles for the particular technique to be properly and trusted. Finally the project aims to analyse the strength and limitations of this examine.

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