Consuming Youngsters (Summary)

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Summary about Article, " Pubic Attitudes Toward the Youth Marketing Industry & Its Influence on Children"

" Few community opinion forms exist with regards to the burgeoning youth marketing industry. We consequently conducted a web based survey of 978 U. S. citizens in the Spring of 2004. Results suggest that a large many respondents believe: a) the fact that youth advertising industry is definitely harmful to kids and provides questionable moral practices: b) that the sector contributes to many different problems prevalent in youngsters: c) that most of the promoting which occurs in universities is unwanted: and d) that advertising directed at children under almost eight years of age must be prohibited", (Kasser and Linn). This review was born away of concern that we now have few statistics on the associated with marketing industry's impact on each of our youth. As the article about " Consuming Kids" increases awareness about children becoming lured in believing that they can't live with out things as well as the problems increasing out of it. This survey makes us conscious of how this market is ready to sacrifice the sanctity of family your life by undermining the parents by means of their television while children watch ultra hours of uninterrupted commercials aimed at these people. These surveys were in comparison with a couple of sparsely completed various other ones. The respondents sensed that problems such as: aggressiveness, materialism, weight problems, lack of imagination, overly sexualized behavior and self-esteem, were detrimentally motivated by the junior marketing market.

The solutions had been simple enough, more than half thought that educational institutions should be business free areas, children's tv should be industrial free, (PBS has it), marketing to children should be subject to more government oversight, marketing to children 12 and under should be forbidden. There has got to be a coming of the tide of the promoting industry taking advantage of children in such young ages. The survey effects suggested...

Bibliography: Tim Kasser, Ph. G., Department of Psychology, Knox College, Galesburg, IL 61401.

Susan Linn, Ed. M., Media Center, Assess Baker Children 's Center, 3 Blackfan Circle, Boston, MA 02115.

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