Effects of the Modification of Revenue Code on the Implementation of Projects and Programs

 Impact with the Revision of Revenue Code on the Execution of Jobs and Courses Essay


The challenge and Its Background


This kind of research study can be conducted to determine the notion of the people on the boost of fees, fees and charges in the Municipality of Gumaca, Quezon.

Especially, it will present answers for the following queries: 1 . Precisely what is the nature of your company?

installment payments on your How long are you currently a taxpayer in the Municipality of Gumaca? 3. Will you be informed of the increase in the tax, charges and fees before you applied for business permit? four. If yes, how have you been up to date?

your five. How do you get the increase in the tax, costs and costs? 6. In the opinion, may be the increase reasonable for the next five taxable years? 7. As being a taxpayer, will you be in favor of the increase in the taxes, fees and charges? Why?


There is no significant relationship between the level of awareness of people on the boost of fees, fees and charges and the efficiency showing how the taxpayers were educated about the increase.


Conducting a research research comes with a responsibility to obtain the many honest, correct and fair results. A successful study can be a very useful source of information because of its readers. This kind of study is important because it should determine the perception in the taxpayers on the increase of taxes, charges and charges in the Municipality of Gumaca, Quezon. The results of the research study will benefit this sectors:


* Public Administration 2. The Sangguniang Bayan from the Municipality of Gumaca, Quezon * The Taxpayers * The specialist herself| 5. To find out the way the taxpayers of Gumaca, Quezon responds to the changes implemented by the government, especially on the revision of revenue code. * To determine the opinions and views of the taxpayers for the increase of taxes, fees and fees in this Municipality. * To leave them bear in mind on how the federal government apply raises on their income taxes, fees and...

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