Why performed the USA decline the Group of Nations?

 Why would the USA decline the Group of Nations? Article

п»їWhy did the USA deny the Group of Nations?

The USA rejected the League of countries because it was heavily from the treaty of Versailles which will many Americans disagreed with, for that reason this led the USA to reject joining the League of Nations as it was created to support the treaty of Versailles and to impose its conditions. The USA turned down it for the reason that some were worried about the financial expense of joining. For instance , many people feared that American funds would be spent on keeping universe peace which was Wilson's desire (to control foreign affairs in order to eliminate war to bring peace). This could mean that American money can be spent on the aims of the League of countries which were to boost people's functioning conditions also to tackle disorders; therefore American money will be spent on medication and the office. This suggests that the USA thought that all if that they signed it might be a guarantee made to spend cash (no subject how much it may cost) to be able to resolve worldwide problems.

Second of all, some People in america opposed the League mainly because they were ‘Anti-British' or ‘Anti-French' or were German immigrants who were against the idea of Peace Treaties plus the Treaty of Versailles. Therefore if that they decided to sign up for the Little league of Nations- they would dread that the Group will be beneath British and French control which would mean that they will have to fight for the British or French Disposition. They disagreed with the idea of struggling with for the British or French Disposition and wished to be separated (isolated from other countries).

Third, many believed that the USA had become while powerful mainly because it had because of isolationism, therefore this written for the USA's decision to reject the League of countries as they thought that the Little league would be considered and regulated by the British and French which would make the united states seem significantly less powerful. Additionally, the USA strongly believed in isolationism meaning that they should be separate from the world....

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