Hunger Video games and Minotaur Punishment Article

 Hunger Online games and Minotaur Punishment Essay

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18 October 2013

Being hungry Games Consequence Essay

In respect to Dictonary. com, treatment is a consequence for illegal or incorrect doing or perhaps severe controlling or treatment. The characters in The Being hungry Games in addition to the myth of Theseus are all victims of numerous forms of treatment.

In the novel The Craving for food Games, personas are subjected to a serious form of punishment, which can eventually lead to their very own death simply for being given birth to into a great over filled community that rebelled resistant to the Capitol ahead of they were given birth to. " In punishment for the uprising, each of the twelve districts need to provide 1 girl and one youngster, called contribution, to get involved. Over a period of a few weeks, the rivals must combat to the death. ” Inside the myth of Theseus, heroes are also punished to an extreme extent that may lead to all their deaths. (The tributes to King Minos) would walk through the maze, completely shed, until by least that they came in person with the Minotaur. Not a great way to perish really. In the novel, Katniss and Peeta used all their skills to outwit the Capitol to win the games. " We do pick up a few valuable skills, from starting fires, to knife tossing to making shelter. ” Inside the myth, Theseus outsmarted the labyrinth through the use of string to find his way out after getting rid of the Minotaur " (Ariadne) threw him a great ball of chain and this individual tied one end than it to the entrance…. Theseus found a strength which this individual did not know he owned. ” The punishment of death was inflicted upon characters in both the novel and the myth for not to be able to overcome your competitors. In the new, the additional 23 tributes were your competitors in the games, one young lady and one particular boy coming from 12 areas. Competition with the myth is definitely the Minotaur.

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