Japanese Cultural Celebration

 Japanese Social Festival Essay


BLB10044-3 Integrated Promoting Communication


Name: Guan Khai, Tan

College student ID: SUP09036

Lecturer: Ms. Rohayati

Date of Submission: 15th June 2011

Material In Brief

Exec Summarypg. 2

1 . 0 Introductionpg. three or more

2 . zero Situation Analysispg. 4 – pg. almost 8

2 . 1 Competitive Environment

2 . two Buyer behaviour

2 . a few Positioning

installment payments on your 4 Branding

2 . five Opportunities & Challenges

3. 0 Objectives & Strategypg. being unfaithful – pg. 10

3. 1 Potential audience

3. 2 Communication Aims

3. 3 Strategy

4. 0 Tacticspg. 11 – pg. 18

4. you Communication Tools

4. a couple of Budget

four. 3 Monitoring & Control

5. 0 Conclusionpg. 18

Referencespg. 19 – pg. 22

Appendixpg. 23 – pg. dua puluh enam

Executive Brief summary

The new Japanese people Cultural Celebration will be structured on the 22nd October 2011 (Saturday) via 9a. m. till 11p. m. and will also be held at Penang Organic Garden. The primary goal with the event will be to expose Malaysians to the artwork and ethnical aspect of Japan thereby promoting goodwill between the communities. Undertaking the request a advertising campaign to obtain these goals, 5 marketing and sales communications tools will be identified and recommended to ensure the success with the festival. By adverts in medias to personal supplying encourage involvement of key stakeholders (related government agencies, significant companies, hotels and others), all will be coordinated within a promotional campaign scheduled for the 3 month period prior to date of the festival. Price range of for least RM 200, 1000. 00 have been requisite to finance the campaign. It can be concluded that (internal & external) environment cluttering would be a key obstacle for that reason a right blend marketing aided by the conversation tools when reinforcing the brand message and strategic placement would ensure the festival's success.

1 ) 0 Launch

Multiculturalism \leads Malaysia to experience host into a whole series of interesting festivals and events throughout the year. This is a proposal to get the marketing campaign from the new Japanese Cultural Festivity to be recognized in Penang. The Japanese Social Festival continues to be chosen as being a new event offers a brand new array of chances and difficulties in preparation of this pitch.

2 . 0 Situation Analysis

2 . 1 Competitive Environment

Well known as a traveler destination, Penang often known as the Pearl in the Orient is likewise home towards the highest inhabitants density in Malaysia as a result its industry potentials happen to be huge therefore its tournaments. Every year, the Penang point out occasionally celebrates more than forty five festivals or perhaps events including the Hungry Ghost Fest, Durian Fair, and Mid-autumn Lantern Fest. The Bon Odori festival can be described as Japanese Buddhist observance honouring one's ancestors and forefathers usually held in mid September along Penang Esplanade, could have the closest similarities from the anticipated Western Cultural Event. While in October by itself, Penang will probably be holding by least 3 separate events excluding japan Cultural Festivity; Mean Machines 2011 on Oct15th-16th, Indonesian Food, Handicraft and Ethnical Festival about Oct15th-16th and Deepavali about Oct 26th. Mean Devices 2011 is a largest outdoor motorsport and motoring function in Malaysia while Deepavali (festival of lights) is one of the most important conventions for the Hindus and Sikhs. The Indonesian Food, Handicraft and Cultural Festival features traditional cultural offerings, delicacies and handicraft quintessentially Indonesian.

2 . two Consumer Conduct

There are 2 types of visitors according to McKercher & Wong; (1) new visitors to whom spend a sum of money throughout the festival and are mainly motivated by relaxation, socialization & the festival's performances and, (2) duplicate visitors to whom have been devoted in supporting the festival's performances hence spending more money. Li ou al. (2008) also revealed that first-timers had been most...

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