Legalizing Marijuana

 Legalizing Pot Essay

п»їKatelyn McElroy

March 28, 2014

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Legalizing Marijuana

One of the biggest controversies in America today is the legalization of medical marijuana. I read a blog named " Officially Blind: How come I'm Against Legalizing Marijuana” by Doctor Howard Samuels. In Dr . Howard's blog he explained that he is completely against the legalization of marijuana, even so I was not. Even though he offers valid details I must argue with most the things this individual states in his article. I think that legalizing medical marijuana will do even more good than it would harm.

Dr . Howard starts off by simply stating that the psychoactive drug creates crippled adults, and that our company is teaching upcoming generations to suppress all their emotions by simply smoking weed versus educating them to procedure their thoughts on their own which I believe is not necessarily the case. Dr . Howard states that he snacks patients with addiction and that our technology of adults wonder for what reason they have incredible anxiety and cannot connect with other people if they are not excessive. I will assume that Dr . Howard is speaking about being large from Cannabis and so I would need to say that this will not certainly be a factor in the legalization of medical pot for the only reason that any person can look to the doctor intended for anxiety and get prescribed pills to take the edge away. Doesn't which means that we are instructing our generation to rely upon prescription supplements to suppress our thoughts? I'm not really saying that it is the wrong to perform but it contradicts Dr . Howard's perspective with the anxiety people have when they are not really high. Moreover any person who is high off from pills, alcoholic beverages, marijuana, coke, heroin, meth, whatever medication it may be, they will relate and interact with persons differently than when they are sober.

Dr . Howard also declares in his article that he is " resistant to the legalization of marijuana but is not against decriminalizing marijuana, ” that sounds a bit contradicting to me. This individual states that decriminalizing a...

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