Realism in Lim Shortly Rye's Movies

 Realism in Lim Quickly Rye’s Films Essay


Hyun Jung Kim

Teacher Cronin

Film History 2 (Wednesday 12: 00-2: 50)

10 April 2012

Realistic look in Lim Soon Rye's movies

Lim Soon Rye is a well-known movie movie director in Southern region Korea. Lim was born in 1960 in Korea She studied English Literature in Han Yang University in Korea in 1985 and earned a Associate Degree in Film at UniversitГ© Paris-VIII in France in 1992. To comprehend the dominant influence of Korean Realism and Italian language Neorealism in Lim's films, understanding of early on Korean film history is essential.

Korean Realism is established under special situation of Korea. Southern region Korea was under the power over Japanese govt for a long time which brings a Nationalism Realism into a popular movie genre in Korean language film market in the 1930s and forties. This tendency continues and expands because Korea is freed from the rule of Japanese imperialism in 1945. The Korean government enforces the regulation that incorporates 71 film companies to of sixteen, which takes place for the first time in Korean film history. As well the government allows film makers to import overseas films as long as the film maker is definitely producing neighborhood Korean movies trying to guard local film business and control the film sector under Korean government's electrical power. This work accelerates the introduction of Korean film industry and production of movies that are largely influenced by simply foreign films.

The 1990s is called " Renaissance of Korean language film" with emergence of the democratic govt of Roh Tae Woo which leads to re-emergence of realism films that were regulated and censored under military regime in the early 1970s. One of the visible features of Lim's movies is usually an impact of Italian Neorealism. Neorealism is " a developed concept to reveal the value that realism, " which exists during the German art record, seeks which is portraying the reality and the fact to show irony in reality (Jung 103). Basically, characteristics of Italian Neorealism are re-interpreted under the certain social and...

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