Tutorial Questions for Caribbean Background

 Tutorial Queries for Carribbean History Dissertation



1 ) How significant was the rebellion in Jamaica (Christmas Rebellion) in 1831-2 as a reason for the transferring of the Emancipation Act in 1833? 2 . How significant a part did slaves enjoy in ending slavery? several. How important one factor was the amount of resistance of the captive in bringing about emancipation in the Caribbean?

4. " The Emancipation Act (1833) favoured the planters more than the slaves. ” Identify and discuss the parts of the Act which will support this comment. your five. How similar were the terms of the emancipation laws for the Caribbean colonies of numerous European countries? six. Why performed the West India curiosity eventually recognize legislation to get the emancipation of slaves? 7. " The Act to emancipate slaves was more of a outcome than a reason for the economical decline with the sugar farms in the '. ” Discuss.

almost 8. The reason why slaves were emancipated was because plantation captivity had become unprofitable. Do you concur? 9. How important was humanitarian education campaigning in bringing about slave emancipation in WI colonies? (You ought to illustrate your answer from 2 or even more European countries. )

15. Why was slavery abolished earlier in the British as compared to the Spanish colonized Carribbean? 11. For what reason was the Spanish the last to emancipate all their slaves? 12. Explain the factors which will brought about the whole emancipation of slaves in Cuba by 1868 to 1886.

13. Describe why slave emancipation inside the French colonies of Martinique and Guadeloupe finally came to exist in 1848. 14. Assess the factors which will contributed to the emancipation of slaves in British and French Caribbean colonies. 12-15. Explain how emancipation was achieved in Haiti and other parts of french Colonised Caribbean between 1794 and 1848.

16. Go over the factors which be the cause of the cessation of captivity in the United kingdom, French and Spanish colonies in the Carribbean. 17. For what reason was slavery abolished inside the Caribbean?


1 ) Why and how did anti-slavery movements in Britain screen the circumstances in the apprentices between 1834 and 1838? installment payments on your In what ways and using what results performed British humanitarians campaign on behalf of ex-slaves in the period after 1834? three or more. Discuss the view that the apprenticeship system was ‘good in principle nevertheless bad in practice'. some. " Sensible in theory but hopelessly inadequate in practice. ” Go over this reasoning on the institution of the SM during the apprenticeship period. 5. To what degree were the SMs being blamed intended for the failing of the BWI apprenticeship system? 6. What lengths and for what reason was your Emancipation Take action of 1833 designed to protect the inequalities of planting society? six. Examine the aims with the apprenticeship structure in the British Caribbean and assess just how effectively this worked. 8. Why performed the apprenticeship system fail to fulfill the targets of its authors? 9. Why was your apprenticeship scheme in the English Caribbean resulted in 1838? 12. Why performed the apprenticeship and patronato systems come to an end 2 years prematurely? 11. None the fears of the planters nor the hopes in the slaves may be fulfilled between 1834 and 1838. ” Discuss this comment on the working of apprenticeship. 12. " The apprenticeship system was your last stage of captivity rather than the 1st stage of freedom. ” Discuss.

13. Analyze the differences and similarities involving the patronato in Cuba as well as the apprenticeship in the British colonized Caribbean. 18. Compare apprenticeship in the BWI with the patronato in Barrica and examine their particular results. 15. How effective were the transitional agreements between enslavement and total freedom, including apprenticeship and patronato? of sixteen. With what approval can it be asserted that the problems in the Emancipation Act and Patronato devices caused their failure?

seventeen. How efficiently did the schemes to...

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